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Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis: Ties In Time

Restless hearts lead to misbehavin’ women…

Three young sisters separated after their mother’s death. Ten years later, three women reunited with ties that are sometimes broken but seldom forgotten.

Alaina–bound to a promise. For those she loves, her energy sparks into a never-ending devotion whether nurturing or tackling outside forces. But life’s trials batter her soul until her spirit emerges into a new determination of solid resilience and quiet acceptance.

Emma–haunted by secrets. A lifelong dream come true when she finds happiness with marriage and family but the past threatens to destroy their lives. Willing to sacrifice and fight to the death, she will stop at nothing to protect her loved ones.

Grace–breaks all the rules. Ties and commitment expected from a woman in the 1800s choke her rebellious nature. Impulsive and daring, her risky choices lead her into a downward spiral that only strength and family love can overcome.

The men who cherish them are supportive, frustrated at times, flawed with tempers, cheating, and often confused.

Ranching in the mountains during the boom and bust days of Cripple Creek, Colorado the sisters’ bond grows stronger to survive not only the elements but also the odds for a woman to express her thoughts and actions in the 19th century.

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