Her Werewolf Bodyguard (Moon Pack Rules) – $0.99 Discounted

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Title:  Her Werewolf Bodyguard (Moon Pack Rules)

Author:  Michele Bardsley

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Synopsis:  Nolan Wright is also a Moon Pack werewolf and a cop with the Tulsa PD. He can sniff out a damsel in distress from five miles away, and it doesn’t take him long to find the beautiful and haunted Stephanie Draper. Stephanie has built solid walls around her heart–for a good damned reason. But Nolan’s kind and funny demeanor is creeping through the cracks of those walls, and soon, she finds herself falling for the handsome shifter. But as she begins to piece together her shattered life … her monstrous husband returns for his final revenge…

Click Here Now To Download This Book!

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